Jeremy Tardif Band (JTB) is a neo-classical, progressive, piano rock band hailing from Vancouver BC. With influences ranging from progressive rock artists such as Peter Gabriel and Camel, to Jazz musicians Miles David and Thelonious Monk, and classical influences such as Dvorak and Bach, the band’s sound “…pulls the listener through gorgeous and unconventional chord pairings, swooping into hopeful notes that cradle breathless vocals,” said The Equal Ground.


Lead singer and pianist, Jeremy Tardif, grew up in Ontario in a musical family. Classically trained, Jeremy has been playing the piano since the age of 12 and always wanted to be in a band. However, he soon discovered that guitarists were more in demand than pianists/keyboardists, so Jeremy thought “If someone wasn’t looking for a keyboardist, at least I could sing for them” and he soon began to grow as a composer and singer/songwriter.


In his early 20s, Jeremy left his hometown of London, Ontario to chase his dream of starting a band in Vancouver. And that he did, becoming the co-founder of progressive grunge/metal band Marching Mind. After seeing success with Marching Mind, including Canadian and US tours and close to 10, 000 Facebook followers, Jeremy felt it was time for a new challenge. He decided to investigate his potential as a solo artist and explore different styles, such as Indie and Latin rhythms. In 2013, Jeremy released his first album ‘Fish In A Bowl Beside The Ocean’.  Over the years, Jeremy has worked with different musicians and found inspiration for his music in his home country of Canada as well as in Australia.


Jeremy Tardif Band takes listeners on a journey using sounds which are emotional, multidimensional and easy on the ear. Jeremy’s soulful piano riffs and heartfelt vocals tell a story which is meaningful, yet open to interpretation. “I believe in emotion. It is my desire that when you listen to my music you will pull something out of the music just for you. You might understand something in the music that even I haven't seen yet! I just want to leave that up to you,” said Jeremy. JTB has a deep passion for music and a drive to create something unique and inspiring.


 “…the heart aching vocals and the gorgeous piano riffs soon brought it to the foreground and I couldn’t take my ears off the translucent sound.” The Equal Ground.

“…vocalist Jeremy Tardif’s Maynard-esque voice betrays a heavy influence from the folks that brought us ‘Lateralus’.”  Conor Fynes, Prog Archives.