The Creative Process

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So I had started thinking of a new idea for an album story concept. The more I thought the more I remained completely stumped. My decision became to make an album based more on a conceptual feeling rather than a story. With my past music being in a cyber-prog band, my concepts adopted more of a story structure with epic themes and multiple characters. This had been very fun, but with my new music I wanted to do something a little different.

Fish In A Bowl follows a concept of real heartfelt emotion. It’s the connective tissue of the whole album. I’m not saying that my other music lacks emotion, just that this one was guided by it. It was the theme and drive that served as a compass as I explored and exhausted the realm of the FishBowl.

With the new music I am writing, we’ll no longer be in the FishBowl. Prepare to get your fins salty in the near future as the entire ocean lies before us to be explored. Hey, maybe we’ll even grow wings and explore the skies.

In saying that, I’ll just throw caution to the wind, and if I fly into the sun hopefully the ocean will catch me again when I fall.

Stick around cause there is more exciting news in store. We’ve been auditioning new bass players and have been rehearsing for shows in the very near future. Shortly I’ll be announcing the new band lineup and upcoming shows!


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